(Note: Some IRC Commands are similar or the same as some Java Commands, but some commands just work on IRC and not Java. Click on one of the Links below for he help on that subject.)


Parting Rooms:

Simply type /join #RoomName or type /list and double click the room you want to join. With using an IRC Client you can join as many rooms as you want. (Note: Chat-Valley allows Members to be in up to 6 channels at one time.)
Example: /join #Bl4ckM4gic would make you join that channel.

Parting Rooms:

Simply type /part or /part #RoomName and you will leave that room. Or you can click the little "x" in the corner of that window to close that room.
Example: /part #Bl4ckM4gic would make you part that room.

To See All the Rooms That Are Open:

You can do this very easily but typing /list and that will show you the rooms that are currently open on the server.(Note: If the room is on secret mode +s, then you can not see them rooms on the list.)


Changing NickNames:

To change your nickname simply type /nick New Nickname Here in the text bar.
Example: /nick Logan would change your nickname to "Logan"

Registering Nicknames:

To register your Nickname, just simply type /services register Nickname pass and to identify with that nickname when connecting to the server simply type /pass Password Here after you're connected to the server.
Example: /services register Logan Ownz. Would register the nickname "Logan" with the pass "Ownz"
(Note: Always remember passwords are CaSe-SeNsItIvE)

Changing Nickname Pass:

To change your Nickname pass, simply type /services set Nickhere pass New Pass Here that will change your current password.
Example: /services set Logan pass SeXy would change Logan's pass to "SeXy"


Setting Your Profile:

All members of Chat-Valley have profiles to where you can add name, email address, or whatever you would like to add about yourself (Note: Chat-Valley reccomends that you DO NOT add personal information about yourself in your profiles.) To add somethin in the name spot type /services set NickName name Name here or whatever you would like to add and that will add your text in that spot. To add an email address type /services set NickName email Email Address here or whatever you would like to put You can also add additional information or if you have a homepage about yourself you can add it by typing /services set NickName url Homepage Address or anything you would like to add in this spot (Note: If you add a url that contains another chat servers address we will remove it, and will consider you to be advertising that chat, which could result in a server ban.)

Setting Your Profile To Private:

To do this simply type /services set NickName Private On and that will set your profile as private and members of Chat-Valley will not be able to view your information. To turn private off simply type /services set NickName Private Off and that will set ur profile public and any member of Chat-Valley can read it.
Example: /services set Kellerz Private On - Would set Kellers profile private.
Example: /services set Kellers Private Off - Would turn private off for Kellers profile.


To have your text in color simply click Ctrl k, and a box filled with the colors and their numbers will show up just click the box of the color you want your text to be. Or if you want a text color and a background color then click Ctrl k then type 6,15 then just type ur text. (Note: To see the list of colors and their numbers type Ctrl K and the box will show you the colors and their numbers.) the first number is for your text the second color is for the background of the text.
Example: Click Ctrl k then type 6,15 and that will give u Purple Text with a Silver background over the text.

Person to Person(p2p)

If you would like to chat with someone in private, you can choose to have a Person to Person(p2p) with them or other wise known as Private Message(PM). To do this you can simply double click their nickname in the members list or type /Query Nickname that will open a private window seperate from the channel window that you can talk to another person privately in.
Example: /Query iCePriNCeSs would open up a private window to talk to iCePriNCeSs in.


You can either Notice a channel on the server or a member. To send a notice to a channel you simply type /notice #RoomName and to type a private message just to a certain member then you would need to type /notice Nickname Message Here. (Note: This does not open a seperate chat window.)
/notice #Bl4ckM4gic I see you. Would send the notice "I see you." to the channel Bl4ckM4gic.
Example: /notice Logan I Love You. Would send the notice "I Love You" just to the member Logan.


To invite a member of Chat-Valley to a certain room just simply type /invite NickName #RoomName and that person would receive an invitation to that channel, and will be given the option to join that room or decline the invitation.(Note: You need to have Room Moderator Status to invite members)
Example: /invite Logan #Ashley's Would invite Logan to the room Ashley's.

Ignoring A User

To place a member on ignore means that you will not be able to see anything this member types whether it be in the main channel or in private, to do this simply type /ignore nickname and to remove a member from ignore type /ignore -r Nickname
Example: /ignore dUsK would place that members nickname on ignore.
Example: /ignore -r dUsK would remove that members nickname from ignore.

Checking To See Who Is On The Server

Chat-Valley Members:

You can do this a couple of ways, you can simply type /names and that will give you a list of nicknames and which room they are in of everyone on the server, or you can type /who and that will give you the nickname, host and tell you what channel they are currently in on teh server. Or if you just want to see a list of who is in a specific room then type /names #RoomName.
Example: /names #Opers Would give you a list of nicknames that are currently in Opers.

Chat-Valley Staff:

You can do this a couple of ways, you can type /trace and that will give you a list of Administrators and Operators that are currently connected to the server, or you can type /admin which will just give you a list of Administrators that are currently connected to the server. (Note: To see a list of all Admins/Opers of Chat-Valley type /stats o, and that will show you all the staff members of Chat-Valley even if they are not currently connected to the server.)

Ghost Command

To use the ghost command type /services ghost Nickname here Password Here This clears a "Stuck" or "Ghost" nickname so that you can use it again.
Example: /services ghost Logan SeXy - That will d/c the nickname "Logan" so you can use it again.

Checking The Message Of The Day

To check the MOTD(Message Of The Day) simply type /motd and that will show you the message of the day.

Room Owners/Moderators/Voiced

Having Moderator Status In A Room :

Having Mod in a room allows you to temp Mod others, kick people out of the room, take other people's Mod status, voice others, take other people's voice status, ban, unban, and set topic and modes.(Note: If room mode +u is set then only room Owners can change room settings.)

Having Owner Status In A Room :

Havin Owner Status in a room means you can do everything a Moderator can do, in addition to a few more things. As owner you can add/delete other Perm Moderators/Owners, you can set the room welcome, and if you have the room set to mode +u then only members with Owner Status can change room settings.

Adding Moderators/Owners :

To add someone as Perm Moderator in your room, simply type /services AOP #RoomName Add Nickname this will automatically give Room Moderator Status to this member everytime they join this channel. To add another Owner to your room you can simply type /services SOP #RoomName Add NickName. To add a member as Perm Voice in your room simply type /services VOP #RoomName Add NickName. (Note: SOP grants Owner Status, AOP grants Moderator Status, and VOP grants Voiced Status.)
Example: /services SOP #Opers Add Logan Would give "Logan" Owner Status in the channel Opers.
Example: /services AOP #Opers Add dUsk Would give "dUsK" Perm Moderator Status in the channel Opers.
Example: /services VOP #Opers Add HaLf-LiFe Would give "HaLf-LiFe" Perm Voiced Status in the channel Opers.

Giving/Taking Temp Moderator Status:

You can give Temp Moderator Status by typing /mode #RoomName +o NickName and that will give that person temporary Moderator Status.And to take Temp room Moderator Status away simply replace the + with a -.
Example: /mode #Bl4ckM4gic +o iCePriNCeSs would give iCePriNCeSs Temp Moderator Status in that room. (Note: When member leaves that room, their Temp Moderator Status is gone.)
Example: /mode #Bl4ckM4gic -o iCePriNCeSs would take iCePriNCeSs's Temp Moderator Status away in that room.

Giving/Taking Temp Voiced Status:

You can give Temp Voiced Status simply by typing /mode #RoomName +v NickName and that will give Temp Voice to that member. And to take Temp Voice away simply replace the + with a -.
Example: /mode #Opers +v Logan Would give Temp Voice Status to Logan.
Example: /mode #Opers -v Logan Would take away Temp Voice Status to Logan.

Room Settings


To change the topic in a room you must have Moderator Status, then simply type /topic #RoomName Message Here, or in some cases you can double click the room window and add your text in the box marked Topic History, then click "Ok".
Example: /topic #Opers Help Room Only - Would set the Topic in the room Opers with the text "Help Room Only".

Room Greeting:

To add a room greet just simply type /services set #RoomName GREET Message Here and that will add a text greeeting to your room. (Note: Use <BR> at the end of a sentence to begin another one on a seperate like, and you must be a room Owner to change room greetings.)
Example: /Services Set GREET #Bl4ckM4gic Welcome to my room! <BR> I hope you have fun! - Would make the room greet "Welcome to my room!" on one line, then on the next line it would say "I hope you have fun!"



As a Moderator in a room, you have the option of kicking another member from that room, to do this simply type /kick #RoomName NickName Message Here and that will kick the person from that room.
Example: /kick #Bl4ckM4gic ViV My Idol! - That would kick the member Viv from the room Bl4ckM4gic with the message "My Idol"


To Ban someone from a room is to prevent them from entering (Note: You must have "Room Moderator Status.). You can either ban their Nickname, or their Domain. Banning someone's Domain is like banning Their Hostname. You can do this by typing /mode #RoomName +b Nickname or /mode #RoomName +b @*hostname here. (Note: banning someones host means that anyone on that host is banned from that room as well.) You can also ban someone by typing /mode #RoomName +b ident@*.hostname. (Note: When you are banned from a room yet you are still in it, you wont be able to talk in that room.)
Example: /mode #Opers +b coadman - Would ban the nickname coadman from the room Opers.
Example: /mode #Opers +b @*.ipt.aol.com - Would ban anyone using the host AOL from the room Opers.
Example: /mode #Opers +b iCeC0Ld@*.ipt.aol.com - Would ban anyone using the ident iCeC0Ld and has the host AOL from the room Opers.
(Note: To unban someone just replace the + with a - (Example: /mode #Opers -b coadman) and that will unban them from the room)

Quiet Status

To Quiet someone is to keep them from sending text to the room. (Note: You must have "Room Moderator Status") They can't talk. To do this type /mode #RoomName +q Nickname.
Example: /mode #Bl4ckM4gic +q coadman would give coadman Quiet Status in that room.
(Note: To unquiet someone simply replace the + with a - (Example: /mode #Bl4ckM4gic -q coadman) and that will unquiet that nickname from the room Bl4ckM4gic)

Regaining Control of your room

If you lose control of your room and cannot enter it because of a ban or other setting, you can regain control of it by using the /RESET command. There are two ways of doing this. You can by owner recognition or you can RESET by room owner password. Type /reset #RoomName if you are listed as owner in the room options. If your owner was taken, it is still possible to regain control of your room if you have entered a Room Owners Password, then you would have to type /reset #RoomName YourRoomOwnersPassHere. Resetting the room, will cause all settings to be reset and all bans removed.
Example: /reset #Bl4ckM4gic would reset that room if your nickname is set as owner of that room.
Example: /reset #Bl4ckM4gic Rawr would reset the room using the Room Owners Password "Rawr" being the room pass.


Sending Memos:

You can send a memo to any member of Chat-Valley.(Note: Your nickname and the persons nickname you are sending a memo too must me registered.) Simply type /services memo NickName ADD Your message goes here.
Example: /services memo Logan ADD Hi Baby, I miss you! - Would send a memo to Logan saying "Hi Baby, I miss you!"

Checking Memos:

Checking memos is very easy all you need to do is type /services memo NickName check and that will show you if you have any new memos.(Note: You must be on the Nickname you are trying to check memos for)
Example: /services memo iCePriNCeSs check - Would check to see if there were any memos for the nickname iCePriNCeSs.

Reading Memos:

To read you memos simply type /services memo NickName read 1 and that will let you read the first memo, to check other memos simply type /services memo read 2, and so on with 3, and 4 etc.
/services memo dUsK read 1 - Would let you read memo 1.
Example: /services memo dUsK read 2 - Would let you read memo 2.
(Note: To delete memos just simply replace "read" with "delete"(Example: /services memo dUsK delete 1 - Would delete memo 1) Change the number to whatever number memo you would like to delete 2, 3, 4 etc)

Channel Modes

  • o - moderator, /mode #chan +o nickname
  • v - voice, /mode #chan +v nickname
  • q - quiet, /mode #chan +q nickname
  • b - ban, /mode #chan +b nickname
  • t - Only ops set topic, /mode #chan +t
  • n - No external messages(room cannot receive notices or msgs from ppl outside the chan), /mode #chan +n
  • I - invite only(ppl can only enter if invited into room), /mode #chan +I
  • m - Moderated(only ppl with mod or voice can talk), /mode #chan +m
  • k - Password(password needed to get in), /mode #chan +k pass
  • l - limit(only certain number of ppl can join the room), /mode #chan +l number
  • p - private(cant see the room on the members list), /mode #chan +p
  • s - pretty much the same as +p , /mode #chan +s
  • j - members only, /mode #chan +j
  • c - p2p block( you can only p2p moderators in room), /mode #chan +c
  • u - Kick/Mode Block(owners cannot be kicked/Only owners can changes settings on room), /mode #chan +u
(Note: + is to add the mode and - is to remove it)

(Note: If there is something you think should be added please /join #Opers and let either iCePriNCeSs or Logan know, Thank You.)